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Premium Aquatics New Items 3-4-2011

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2011 at 10:15 pm by


SICCE VOYAGER HP PUMP 3600GPH New Sicce line of pumps with various sizes for all applications!
Water Blaster HY-16000 Pump Coming in soon! Coralvue’s Water Blaster 16000 pump! Excellent flowrate of 16000gph.  

CV-HY-16000W – $360.00

12 Current USA’s new TruLumen PRO LED strip lights! 

Available in swivel lengths of 12″, 24″, 36″, and 48″

TrueLumen Aquatic LED Strips 10 Another Current USA Aquatic LED strip, great for supplemental lighting! Come in various colors for any need!
TLF NPX Bioplastics - 200 ml Pellets New TwoLittleFishies NPX BioPellets! 

200mL BioPellets – $14.99
400mL BioPellets – $25.99
1L BioPellets – $49.99

TLF NPX Screens for Phosban Reactor 150 TwoLittleFishies Screen Set. Works great for biopellet reactor setups and very cheap! 

TLF-PBR-NPX – $2.49

Reef Nutrition Arcti-Pods 16 OZ
ReefNutrition is back in full! Check out the many great products like Arcti Pods, Tigger Pods, and others for you saltwater system!
Aquastar 250watt DE 14500K Halide Bulb New Coralvue Aquastar Metal Halide Lamps

14.5k 250DE – $88.99
14.5k 250SE – $84.99
14.5k 400SE – $84.99

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt - 175 gal - Bucket New RedSea Salt! It’s all about balance for any need. 

RedSea Coral Reg. Salt – $50.89
RedSea Coral PRO Salt – $54.99

First A.I.D. Acclimation System New CPR First A.I.D Acclimation System! Great for an isolation tank and acclimator! 

CPR-FAID1 – $44.99

Sequence Hammerhead Hybrid & 1.5 Now available as a package, receive 15% when you purchase this Reeflo Hammerhead Hybrid and SeaSwirl 1.5″ package


Deep Blue Activated Carbon Pad 18x10 New DeepBlue Filter Pads for any need! Choose from many different filter pads to remove impurities like phosphates, ammonia, and more, all for only $4.49 per pad!

Be sure to check out our CLEARANCE section this week. It’s packed full of brand new closeouts, damage items, returns, etc.

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