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Oyster Vision Video from Morphologic

Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 12:19 pm by
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Oyster Vision, the the latest video from Mophologic Studios, features the face of a thorny oyster, Spondylus americanus. This impressive oyster, has eyes lining the rim of it’s mantle. These lines are only identifying changes in light intensity that might alert the oyster to the presence of a potential predator. In the case that such a threat is detected, the thorny oyster will use it’s adductor muscles to snap its shell shut. The shape of this oyster resembles that of a scallop, although being a member of the clam family, it remains attached to the rockscape in the home aquarium.

This reef-safe invert should definitely be quarantined first, if it is to be introduced to a tank, in order to prevent any potential protozoan diseases from being introduced. As with most oysters and clams, the thorny oyster is quite sensitive to changes in water parameters, and therefore, an established system will make an ideal home.

[via Morphologic Studios]

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