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Orphek Nilus – 24” 120 Watt LED Fixture

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012 at 11:06 am by

Orphek has stepped up their game, quickly racing towards the top of the LED aquarium lighting market. ReefTools recently introduced the Orphek PR-156 to our community, now we would like to introduce its big brother, the Orphek Nilus. The Nilus looks very similar to the PR-156 since Orphek maintained the stylish designed. The biggest changes are in the controller, it is now equipped with dimming functions capable of independently dimming the white and blue LEDs. This coupled with the controller’s timers gives the aquarist absolute control over the look of their reef. The controller can be programmed for multiple intensities through out the day creating a nice sunrise to sunset look. Orphek states the dimmer spent a year in research and design perfecting the fixtures ability to maintain the spectrum output while being dimmed. To obtain the “perfect” spectrum for SPS corals Orphek added additional diodes with varying colors. We are looking forward to the opportunity to see these in action.

• Wattage: 120 watts
• Ratio: 30 White LEDs, 22 Blue LEDs, 4 Red LEDs and 4 UV/true violet LEDs

• White LED: 14,000K-16,000K, ~100 lumen/watt
• Royal Blue LED: 450nm – 470nm
• Red LED: 640nm
• UV/True Violet LED: 380nm – 420nm
• Total Lumens: Over 9000 Lumens
• Equal to MH/HPS light 250w-400w

• Honey Comb 120 degrees

• Length: 24 inch x Width: 6.1 inch x Height 2.0 inch

Included with Fixture:
• Hanging kit

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