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ORA Fiery Red Gonipora Revealed

Posted on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 at 12:14 am by
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ORA has just released a fiery red aquacultured gonipora. This ORA Gonipora is bright red with purple mouths, and should be shipping to local fish stores shortly. This great new coral from ORA will add a splash of red to your tank (which is so hard to come by). ORA has been growing this strain for almost 10 years, and it will be nice to hive this aquacultured Goni readily available.

ORA Now Offering Aquacultured Red Goniopora

After nearly 10 years in production, ORA’s Red Goniopora is finally ready for release. This beautiful LPS coral is bright metallic red and has brilliant purple centers. It is truly 100% aquacultured and is considered to be very hardy. Red Goniopora tends to be an aggressive coral and when placed near a competitor it will supercharge its tentacles with nematocysts which will give them a white tipped appearance.

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  1. Erik Kreeger says:

    I will be adding this as soon as I find it at the critter

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