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ORA Black Saddleback Clown

Posted on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 at 10:51 am by

Introducing the ORA Black Saddleback Clown. This new ORA clownfish is a true Black Saddleback, rather than the more common brown morph. Since it is considered one of the more difficult species to breed, ORA is thrilled to finally be breeding it in captivity. These true Black Polymnus are unique in that they are marked with complete middle bar, in contrast with the distinctive saddle. Many of this newly released ORA clownfish even sport a third bar.

Several of the very first batches were comprised of mainly misbars, having exquisite black coloration, coupled with a vibrant white border surrounding the tail. True to their name, the misbars’ tails do not extend to the full height of the body.

ORA Introduces the Black Saddleback Clown

ORA is introducing a new clownfish variety this month, the true Black Saddleback (Amphiprion polymnus). This is not a black version of the normal brown polymnus, rather it is a completely different morph. The true Black Polymnus differs from the normal brown variant by having a complete middle bar rather than the distinctive saddle. Many of them have a third bar before the tail as well.

We are very excited to finally be breeding this fish as it is considered to be one of the most difficult species to breed in captivity. In fact, it took us short of ten years of hard work before getting them to finally produce eggs. We would like to thank Werner Menzel of Meerwasser Center Menzel in Germany for trusting us with his colony of these fish.

The first couple of batches that we will have consist mostly of misbars. They have beautiful black coloration with a brilliant white border around the tail but their middle bars do not extend the full height of the body.

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2 Responses to “ORA Black Saddleback Clown”

  1. Jared Owens says:

    more of my babies!

  2. Werner Menzel from MCM says:

    Dear ORA,

    it was a pleasure for me to providing you my rare pair of true black saddleback clownfish. And many thanks for the first tankraised clownfish to show these beautiful fish at the fair during Interzoo 2010.

    Werner Menzel – MCM Germany

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