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ORA Black Ice Snowflake Clownfish Coming Soon

Posted on Sunday, August 7th, 2011 at 6:11 pm by
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Here comes another cool hybrid species from ORA, the Black Ice Snowflake. What ORA did, was breed a Snowflake Ocellaris and a Black Ocellaris, crossing the strains. And although their goal was actually to achieve a completely solid black Ocellaris with white snowflake markings, we think you’re all going to be impressed with the results.

The breeding process included taking several pairs of Black Ice Snowflakes, raising their offspring, then choosing the ones that had the most desirable markings, color and shape. Naturally, the entire broodstock is the result of an original crossed pair, but with this intense process, ORA has developed truly striking results.

Check back soon for more information regarding the official release.

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One Response to “ORA Black Ice Snowflake Clownfish Coming Soon”

  1. Kenny says:


    I,m in Hongkong, How can I buy the ORA Black Ice Snowflake Clownfish ?

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