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NextReef SMR1 NP BioPellets reactor

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 10:47 am by

The SMR1 Media Reactor is the result of a collaborative effort by NextReef and the US Distributor of NP BioPellets. These combined effort yielded the first media/substrate reactor specifically designed for long term use of larger media. The SMR1 is the next evolution of the MR1 Media/Substrate reactor, and is available in a 16″ (14″ reaction chamber) and a 23″ (21″ reaction chamber) verstions.

So, what’s different about the SMR1 and the SMR1 XL? This new media reactor from NextReef is designed from a thicker, stronger, cast blue acrylic designed specifically for NextReef (cooler looking too!). Asides from aesthetics, this choice was made to reduce algae, and optimize beneficial bacterial growth. The internal plenum assembly has been modified from the original design so that it does not require a sponge. Since the BioPellets (or Zeolite media) is larger, and is intended for long-term use, this new approach reduces the need for maintenance, and increases system stability. Additionally, the new design comes with larger fittings which allows for higher flow rates and reduced head pressure.

The SMR1 from NextReef can be used with large media like NP BioPellets, Zeolite Media, denitrification media, without a sponge. If you decide to run smaller media (phosphate remover, activated carbon, etc) you can simply buy a sponge from your NextReef retailer.

Just like with all NextReef products, the SMR1 Media Reactor is hand-crafter in the USA!

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3 Responses to “NextReef SMR1 NP BioPellets reactor”

  1. Aaron Wilson says:

    Love the blue…

  2. Fish Dude says:

    I’m thinking of using BP, anyone use this reactor?

  3. Coral Outlet says:

    The best way to export nitrates is a Sulphur Denitrator.

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