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NextReef Protein Skimmers Coming Soon!

Posted on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 at 11:39 am by

NextReef is blasting into 2011 by working on prototypes for a new line of NextReef Protein Skimmers! The new line will feature 6″ and 8″ internal/external recirculating protein skimmers, sporting the slick blue “look” unique to NextReef.

Here are some photos of the prototype being used at several stores around the country. These are courtesy of A great coral shop in Sarasota, Florida called Coral Connection. Coral Connection specialized in soft and hard corals, and offers a variety of fish and a great selection of Indonesian live rock

Known for producing solid, reliable products, NextReef continued on the same track by constructing their new protein skimmers with 1/2″ thick flat surfaces, and 1/4″ blue tubing. Wanting to not only look good, but also provide supreme performance, NextReef chose to go with Sicce psk600 and psk1000 as their recirculating pumps using vinturis machined in-house. An integrated gate valve controls the water level in the skimmer, while a removable bubble plate (that’s right) will allow each hobbyist to decide what works best in their application. Other features available with this new line of NextReef protein skimmers are a silencer, and a threaded drain on the collection cup (NR will provide both a fitting and a plug).

We wanted to show you a few more photos of these bad boys in action. This is the 8″ (approx 28″ tall) model being used at Big Dog Reef.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this first look at the NextReef protein skimmers. We’ll give you an update on price as soon as it is available. You should see these on the market sometimes in the spring.

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