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New Ecoxotic LED light coming soon

Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 1:36 pm by
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A new Ecoxotic LED light should be available soon. Reportedly, this new 50 watt multi-chip LED light should first appear on the market in a pendant, followed by a fixture. Both freshwater (7000k) and saltwater (undecided K at this point) versions will be available. We are starting to see the spotlight trend, widely used in Japanese reef tank, begin to infiltrate the US hobbyist base more and more these days. This new LED light from Ecoxotic can brighten up any shaded spots in your tank, and provide quite a punch with it’s high PAR ratings.

We had a chance to see this light at in action over the yet to be released Ecoxotic nano tank at ReefStock. You can see just how bight this new LED light is going to be, absolutely flooding the small tank previously lit by the Ecoxotic Panorama LED Fixture.

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