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NAT GEO Wild Discovers Underwater Landfill

Posted on Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 1:00 pm by
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Our oceans are chock full of mystery. With most of the ocean floor being undiscovered, we can only begin to imagine what life forms inhabit the depths. The NAT GEO Wild sent an ROV miles below the surface in hopes of discovering unique life forms, and in return they discovered a massive collection of trash. The trash was not necessarily dumped at this location, but due to the oceans currents a lot of it was pushed together and created an underwater garbage collection. In one way it is pretty impressive to see the ocean currents working to confine the trash to a limited area, but ultimately the lack of respect for the ocean outshines that small triumph.

On the plus side, the scientists did get to few a few deep water creatures. The jellyfish at that depth are pretty impressive looking. The excitement of discover might have been  ruined for this team of scientists, but the video definitely is worth checking out.

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