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MR16 LED Lamps from Nanocustoms

Posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 6:28 pm by
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The MR16 LED Lamp will be available at Nanocustoms within the next two months. Initially, the MR16 LEDs will be offered in two colors, “12k” (2 cool white and 1 royal blue) and “20K” (1 cool white and 2 royal blue). Each lamp, will feature Cree XP Series LEDs (XP-G for the whites and XP-E for the royal blue), and will use a 40 degree triple optic. The total power of each MR16 LED Lamp will be about 3W. The new MR16 will use an extremely efficient heatsink design, very similar to Nanocustoms’ PAR38 lamps, and will run on a standard 12v DC or AC power supply. The nice thing about this, is that these lamps will work on any commercial MR16 fixture. Nanocustoms is planning on offering their own fixture in the near future, so check back often for updates.

Price has not yet been set, but will be under $50.

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