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Midwest Marine Conference 2010 starts today

Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2010 at 1:56 pm by

The Midwest Marine Conference (MMC) 2010 begins today. Urging hobbyists to think REEF – Refocusing on Efficient and Effective Fundamentals, MMC focuses on reducing losses, reducing impact, and pushing towards a more self-sustainable hobby. Brought to hobbyists by The Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan, and The Cranbrook Institute of Science, the three day event includes a Social Reception with speakers and industry leaders, speaker sessions, a frag swap, a huge livestock and dry goods raffle, and a large exhibit hall full of national and local vendors.

For more info, please visit:

The list of speakers includes:

LED lighting Technologies – Jake Adams
Jake Adams is a professional, practicing aquarist who has been an active participant in the national marine aquarium community for over 10 years. He has been educating aquarists of a wide range of marine aquarium topics through frequent articles, podcasts and presentations around the country. He recently founded which provides a free downloadable guide to coral identification for mobile devices and home computers. Jake has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Science and he will be returning to graduate school to further pursue research in the field of coral reef ecology.


Angelfish in Reef Aquaria: From QT and Adaptation to Pairing and Spawning – John Coppolino
John Coppolino’s innate passion for fish was nurtured growing up on an island on a lake in Northern New Jersey with a fish loving father and a mother allergic to everything with fur and feathers! A saltwater hobbyist since age 11, John began working at a large regional aquarium store as soon as he obtained working papers in high school, and in college went on to study reef fish in Bermuda and the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador where he lived (and met his wife!) for about two years after obtaining his B.S. in biology.
Now 31 years old, John lives in Northern Virginia with his wonderfully supportive wife and two young children, and keeps over 1000 gallons of saltwater aquariums with about twenty angelfish spread throughout, with most in pairs or harems in reef tanks. These include a trio of Pygoplites diacanthus (regal angelfish), a trio of Centropyge joculator (joculator angelfish), and the mixed species pair of Centropyge resplendens / Centropyge fisheri that created the first tank bred hybrid angelfish.
John travels yearly with work to Hawaii and Guam, where most free time is spent underwater! John writes articles and has spoken at conferences and reef clubs on the topic of angelfish, and has contributed to the newly published book “Angelfishes of the World”.


Creeps From the Deep and Other Stories – Michael DeGruy
An award-winning filmmaker and television host specializing in natural history and underwater programming, deGruy’s 25+ year career has allowed him to produce and film in the world’s most remote and spectacular locations. deGruy founded the Santa Barbara based Production Company, The Film Crew, Inc., in 1979. The Film Crew houses full production and post-production facilities. Mike deGruy has a BS in Marine Zoology and three years of a PhD program in Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii. He sits on three boards in Santa Barbara and speaks frequently in International venues. Mike has been involved in the production of over 20 films including Tempest From the Deep, Blue Planet, Pacific Abyss, and Last Mysteries of the Titanic. Mike has also been the recipient of over 30 National and International awards including multiple EMMY’s.


Reef Aquarium System Design: Principles and Good Practices – Sanjay Joshi
Sanjay Joshi in real life is a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State University. He has been a reef addict since 1992, and currently keeps 3 reefs at home 29G, 55G and a 500G SPS dominated reef. He also co-manages the 500G aquarium at Penn State. He has published several articles in magazines such as Marine Fish and Reef Annual, Aquarium Frontiers, Aquarium Fish, and Advanced Aquarist. In addition he has been an invited speaker at several marine aquarium society meetings. He received the MASNA award in 2006, for his contributions to the marine aquarium hobby.


Responsible Marine Fish Purchases for Marine Aquaria – Kevin Kohen
Kevin Kohen earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University, and is an avid marine life photographer, lifelong aquarist, and marine fish enthusiast. He was one of the early pioneers maintaining live corals in captivity back in the early 80’s. He began his professional career in the marine fish industry working in a retail fish store, and then moved on to manage the operations of one of the largest freshwater and marine fish wholesale and import/export businesses in the Midwest for over eight years. From there, he ventured on to launch the web site, and designed and oversaw the installation of the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility. He currently oversees the operations of the facility, and is responsible for the acquisition of the animals, as well as their husbandry.


Exploring the Twilight Zone: New Technology to find New Species – Richard Pyle
Richard Pyle was born and raised in Hawaii, where his passion for “all things fish” began at a very early age. Earning his PhD under the tutelage of John E. Randall, Richard focused his efforts on discovering new species. Determined to continue exploring of the coral-reef “Twilight Zone” (200-500 feet deep) in a safe and responsible way, he was among the pioneers of modern Technical Diving in the late 1980’s, and has traveled the Pacific in search of new species of fishes on deep coral reefs. Richard’s other focus is the development of computer database systems, primarily to manage systematic and biogeographic information. He works as Database Coordinator for the Bernice P. Bishop Museum in Honolulu, which is a partner of the Pacific Basin Information Node (PBIN), part of the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII). Richard is an active participant in international groups that develop standards for biodiversity information management and exchange, and has been charged with the task of developing ZooBank – the proposed formal registry of all scientific names for animals. He has authored over a hundred scientific, technical, and popular articles and has been featured in dozens of documentary films. He helped form a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting innovative scientific exploration using advanced diving equipment and techniques, and has received a number of national and international awards, and serves on the International Commission for Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN), the organizational body that has, for the past 114 years, governed the way that animals receive their formal scientific names.

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