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Manhattan Reefs May 2011 Tank of the Month Sanjay Joshi’s 25 Gallon Solana

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 11:20 am by

Most people in the hobby are familiar with Sanjay’s incredible 500 Gallon reef tank. This month, however, Manhattan Reefs is honoring Sanjay’s smaller creation, a 25 Gallon Solana. If you’ve heard Sanjay speak at one of many meetings and conferences throughout the country, you no doubt are aware of his approach to reefkeeping: Simplicity, Redundancy, and Backup. With this particular tank, Sanjay focused on creating a system which has a very low power consumption. The lights are the standard EcoXotic 17.5″ Panorama LED, with three additional blue strips. Overall, 7 12W LED strips with a total of 84W. Circulation is provided by the standard Solana return pump, and the temperature is kept in check by a 50W heater on a RANCO controller. In addition to this he has…well….NOTHING. That’s as simple as it gets folks.

Now let’s get to maintenance, 40-50% water chance once a month, using Instant Ocean salt. Keep in mind that there is no carbon, no PO4 remover, nothing is dosed, no reactors or skimmer. Filtration is handled by the 25 lbs of live rock and a 2″ sand bed.

We won’t include the complete livestock list (you’ll have to visit the original thread for that), but the main attraction is a pair of Liopropoma Carmabi (which you probably know as Candy Basslets). The tank also houses a small yellow tang, zoanthids, and some beautiful scolys.

Here are just a few more photos; the photography is just amazing.

Congrats Sanjay.

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3 Responses to “Manhattan Reefs May 2011 Tank of the Month Sanjay Joshi’s 25 Gallon Solana”

  1. Jim says:

    congrats Sanjay

  2. Chris says:

    Beautiful tank

  3. reefman says:

    those photos are sick!

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