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Man Walks Into a Fish Store and Poisons 70 Rare Fish

Posted on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 at 9:40 am by

Is it only us, or are there more and more of these crazy stories these days. A man wearing a black beanie, light blue jeans, a faded red hooded sweatshirt with white lettering, and two different colored shoes (nice…) was seen on the store’s surveillance at around. The man walked into Underwater World, a Helena, Montana saltwater fish store and was seen pouring a powder into the tanks. A bit later, store owner Bob Kavajecz noticed that his fish, sea horses and other inhabitants were dying…the total worth was about $8,000. It is suspected that the powder used was dry chlorine bleach.

“When you see it, it is sickening. I can hardly watch it without crying,” Kavajecz said. The man had talked to the store owner, then was pouring the powder into the tanks when no one was looking. Kavajecz is working with the police to apprehend the suspect.

If after looking at these photos, you can be of any help, please call officers at 442-3233 or leave an anonymous tip via Crimestoppers by calling 443-2000 or visiting


If you remember, we wrote about $4,000 worth of corals being stolen just a few weeks ago.

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3 Responses to “Man Walks Into a Fish Store and Poisons 70 Rare Fish”

  1. Jim says:

    What a punk

  2. Jeff Brinegar says:

    Someone poured fuel injection cleaner in our tanks at work… its beyond sickening…. I wish death on this guy…. pathetic excuse for a human being.

  3. John says:

    What is wrong with so many people today???

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