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Lynx Nudibranch in HD from Morphologic Studios

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 7:04 pm by
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The Lynx Nudibranch, Phidiana lynceus, is captured here in High Def by Morphologic Studios. This nudibranch, which feeds on hydroids, uses the utmost care in minimizing the amount of stinging it absorbs as it attempts to feed. Impressively, the lynx Nudibranch is able to separate both the stinging nematocysts and photosynthetic zooxanthellae from the ingested hydroids before consuming it. The Lynx Nudibranch goes on to use the zooxanthellae for energy, and the stinging nematocysts for protection from any predators it may encounter. Talk about using EVERYTHING you eat. This is another fantastic and informative video brought to you by Morphologic Studios.

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One Response to “Lynx Nudibranch in HD from Morphologic Studios”

  1. dave decarli says:

    HELP!! have been looking for lynx nudi for ever I am having a problem with hydroid digita a.k.a Phidiana lynceus and I REALLY REALLY REALLY did I say I really need your help finding them. I will pay a finders fee thank you dave

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