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Lightning Maroon Clownfish pairing video

Posted on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 12:40 am by
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Remember the $2500 lightning clownfish we wrote about a few weeks ago? Well, Matt Pedersen released several videos depicting the lightning clownfish and it’s “soon-to-be” mate. Pedersen’s new website, The Lightning Project, is dedicated to documenting his efforts to:

  • Keep the Lightning Maroon alive in captivity.
  • Pair the PNG Lighting Maroon with the most appropriate mate available
  • Attempt to spawn and rear the F1 offspring from the Lightning Maroon.
  • Distribute the F1 offspring to any and every marine fish breeder interested in working with the offspring
  • Undertaking this project in the spirit of full disclosure and transparency to the point of accepting public failure if that became a reality.
  • Using the attention this project will garner to share meaningful discussions on topics directly and indirectly related to the project.

This video of the lightning clownfish shows it interacting with the large maroon female. It was not Matt’s intention for this to happen quite yet, but the new guy just couldn’t help himself, and had to get a closer look at the girl…typical. We will keep you updated on news from Matt’s site, so check back often.

Felicia has been keeping aquariums since the early 90s and has a keen interest in taxonomy, aquaculture, and seahorses. she is the former Liveaquaria Diver's Den photographer and now works for Philadelphia area's largest aquarium specialty store The Hidden Reef.

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One Response to “Lightning Maroon Clownfish pairing video”

  1. Tal Sweet says:

    Matt PEDERSEN is doing a great job! Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. Way to go Matt!

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