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Key Chains with Live Fish and Turtles. Terrible!

Posted on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 6:31 pm by
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photo credit Global Times

According to the Global Times, a popular trend in China is the sale of keychains featuring live animals. The poor animals, are sealed up in an airtight plastic container and are sold as Trinkets. When asked about the survival of the animals, the vendors state that the key chain includes “nutrient-rich” water which allow the animals to live for up to a month…and sometimes longer. Wow…a whole month?!?! First of all, no chance will an animal live for a month with no oxygen or food. Second of all (probably needs to be “first”) are you frickin’ nuts?! This is a very cruel practice is evidently completely legal in China, where animal cruelty laws are extremely lenient.

The new fish and turtle key chains are often seen being marketed to children around elementary schools.

If you remember back in 2008, a similar practice was observed during the olympics. Live fish were sold as Olympic paraphernalia.


photo credit Global Times

photo credit xinhua

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22 Responses to “Key Chains with Live Fish and Turtles. Terrible!”

  1. Sea Save Inc. says:

    Where will it end?

  2. Tal Sweet says:


  3. Bill Bradley says:

    This is disgusting.

  4. David Moorer says:

    wow that is so sad.

  5. gumbii says:

    where… can i buy some…


    this is not as bad as those cats in glass vase’s… you people need to get over that it’s just a fish… that thing isn’t going to love you back… none of your fish do… they aren’t your biological kids… people have been doing stuff like this for years… elephant tusk, fur skin rugs, ugg boots and leather wallets… where do you think those things come from… and yes, a rabbit or a cow can love you back… a molly in the other hand… no… that’s retarded…

    sorry if i offended anyone, but you people need to look at the bigger picture… that even if this thread or article whatever is up, hundreds of those fish are still going to be sold and there’s nothing you can do about it… why don’t you guys go on youtube, and look at the videos for “mercy for animals ohio investigation” and “hy line hatchery investigation” and see if you guys will eat eggs again… LOL…

    so… you’re telling me that someone actually paid money to let the turtle or animal die inside the plastic baggy…? man… if you guys did a tiny bit more of research you would know that everyone takes them home and cuts them out of the little plastic bag they come in… it isn’t made of starphire glass or adamantium…

    and there is no difference in animals processed for food or pets… i have over 30 pet chickens in my house… if i get a poor layer, mean rooster or anything like that, i will kill it and eat it… people have trout and catfish as pet… some countries, they raise dogs and cats to eat… are they different..? is a pug going to taste different than a rottie raised for meat…? no… i know people that own cornish rock hens as pets… and they were bred to be meat birds only…

    as long as it doesn’t have a face on your plate it’s fine right…? everything we eat, is someone else’s pet… i sometimes feel bad eating my chicken’s eggs because i know if i incubate, i can have another baby chicken out of it… but they’re friggin’ tasty…

    just saying…

    also… all of these reef websites talking about this stuff like the animals are being crucified… who’s really words out these articles… you guys should stick with explaining how much par a bulb gives and leave these stories for fillers on budget news websites… plus… being honest i feel bad having a tang inside my reef… if i was a wild fish or bird i wouldn’t want to be captured and put in a small box… any tank is small compared to the ocean…

    • K f h says:

      I really hope that the universe sends you a message and you come back as one of those creatures … Enjoy your karma bitch!

  6. Ray Jensen says:

    Unreal. No food. No water. Live in your own waste…

  7. George Sebek says:

    More proof to show the chinese lack of respect for life

  8. Jim says:

    gumbii, you sound like an idiot. I think you’re trying to make a point, but you’re not. Your “reasoning” is all over the place, and follows no line of logic. Just go play with your chickens.

  9. ShawnPaul says:

    This is simply horrid. Not a fan of Gumbii’s lack of compassion.

  10. Terry Chia says:

    How idiot can a person get…

  11. bad idea says:

    gumbii is an idiot. nothing else needs to be said. how bout i put you in a key chain. no one likes you anyways

  12. Ingrid M. says:

    wow the Chinese never seize to amaze me..WTF? thats disgusting..i agree lets put Gumbii in one see how long he lasts..frickin dumbass…

  13. lyssa says:

    to bad we couldnt all go out and buy one so that we could set them free thats just terrible to do something so grotesque to a livng breathing creation of god!!!

  14. Yikes says:

    gumbii is a dumbie!

  15. carpenterman says:

    I have fish all my life. Fish do become to know. I have goldfish swim in my hand and want to be touch. Every animal feels something.

  16. Vanessa Fletcher says:

    This is terrible!!!! How could anyone do that to the animals. Maybe we should do the same to the Chinese and see how they like it!!!! I only hope this idea is not done in the US, I will be freeing all the animals.

  17. DJ says:

    If these are selling in china you should be able to get them at wal-mart soon. Just when you think you have see everything the sun comes up again

  18. Tanner says:

    the Chinese are soulless

    they just chatter and eat rice

  19. master says:

    Disgusting act of cruelty.
    And as far as gumbii is concerned, I just have to laugh at brainless morons.

  20. smallreef says:

    I ALMOST get what Gumbii’s point is, but it doesn’t mean that this is still not considered animal cruelty also.
    I have no problem eating food with faces, as long as it was grown for me to eat and in a humane way… I don’t believe in TYSON chicken, HORMEL pork and many others that have so many farms working for them they dont check on the animals lives. What I believe is EVERY ANIMAL should be treated with respect, whether it is going to provide me nourishment or entertainment. This is why if I have a PET I feed it, water it and show it love.. from my dogs to my fish. If I am raising my own cows for beef, chickens for eggs or fish in a lake for food I STILL TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT. We are all living creatures, and god did create us equally.

  21. Ron says:

    cruel, slow death for a few cents profit.

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