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JBJ Nano-Cube 12 Gallon Reef Tank

Posted on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 at 2:54 pm by
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With so much focus placed nowadays on bigger reef tanks, it’s always impressive to see what some people can accomplish in a nano reef tank. Using a pretty basic all in one 12 gallon JBJ nano Cube, Francesco Donnici has put together a fantastic looking tank. Simple aquascaping, and efficiently using every inch of the back compartments, has resulted in a thriving reef environment. This relatively straightforward approach will show you that sometimes less is more.

Aquarium started on April 3, 2009. Tank description: 12 Gallons JBJ Nano Cube DX, 17 pounds of live rocks, 12 pounds of live sand,red sea reef salt, hydrometer, digital thermometer, aqueon heater, active carbon, ceramic rings, oceanic bio cube protein skimmer, test kit for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, calcium and alkalinity ,2 buckets, extra heater, extra pump, extra thermometer for water preparation, tube feeder. List of aquarium inhabitants: Fish: bi-color dotty backand ocallaris clown. Crustacean: cleaner shrimp. Invertebrates: red starfish, black turbo snails (4), bubble tip anemone. Corals: yellow polyp, green polyp, zoanthus, sarcophyton leather, bright red mushroom, green star polyps, metallic green torch coral,Xenia.

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One Response to “JBJ Nano-Cube 12 Gallon Reef Tank”

  1. Jason Muzzey says:

    Nice nano tank, very clean and well done!

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