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Incredible Right Whale Photo

Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 10:56 am by
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During a 3-week winter expedition to Auckland Islands, National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry and his assistant encountered an incredible 45-foot long Right Whale. The whale swap down to the bottom and gently approached the duo. Brian’s assistant, stood on the ocean-floor and posed perfectly for this amazing shot. “Our hearts were beating right out of our chest, because it was so exhilarating,” says Skerry, “but there is no threat by this animal it just had a great deal of curiosity”. The result, this amazingly composed shot.

“I’ve had some magnificent animal encounters out there in the wild; but I have to say, this one tops the list.”Can you imagine being at the bottom of the ocean and seeing this giant swimming towards you. How incredible.

Right Whales, which refers to three species of large baleen whales, were given this name by whales who considered them “right” for the hunt, due to their tendency to swim close to the shores, and then float when killed. Because of these two factors, they almost became extinct by the whaling industry.

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One Response to “Incredible Right Whale Photo”

  1. Watermark Aquariums says:

    That is so beautiful, must be the best feeling in the world to encounter such a massive creature in its natural surroundings.

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