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Hydor Slim-Skim and Nano Slim-Skim Protein Skimmers

Posted on Monday, March 14th, 2011 at 11:23 am by

The Hydor Slim Skim line of protein skimmers is designed for nano and small reef tanks, up to 65 gallons. Both the Hydor Slim Skim and the Slim Skim Nano are compact internal skimmers which are mounted with the help of a magnet/suction cup mount. A grate protects the water intake zone, preventing snails or fish from venturing into the skimmer, while an adjustable air intake and foam level valve allows the hobbyist to make minor adjustments on the fly. Additionally, the skimmer cup height can be adjusted, for even greater control. A “super efficient multiventuri impeller” creates millions of small, uniform bubbles intended to make this low-energy consumption nano protein skimmer efficient. The Hydor Slim-Skim is available for $136.99 and the Hydor Nano-Skim for $104.99 from Reef Tools sponsor Premium Aquatics.

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