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High Output LED from Marineland reef capable lighting

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 12:49 pm by
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An High Output LED fixture from Marineland was on display at Global Pet Expo in Orlando. We have some confirmed information from Marineland that we wanted to share with our readers. It is important to note that the fixture seen at the Global Pet Expo was an early prototype, and there will be modifications before the final product is released. Currently, the release date is scheduled for August of 2010.

The 24″ LED fixture that was on display, featured a total of 21 1W LED’s, 18 whites and 3 blue. The white LEDs used are 5500K, but Marineland is experimenting with 10000K ones with their goal being to provide a crisp blueish-white light. This will be achieved by either altering the white LED bulbs, or using more or different blue LEDs. For example, a combination of 420nm and 460nm blue LEDs.

The shell of the new High Outpput LED fixture from Marineland will be made of aluminum. The new shell, is “beefed up”, and utilizes additional cooling vents for improved passive cooling capacity. It looks like Marineland is on the right track for developing this fixture, and we’ll keep you updated as new details are released.

Below, you will see the Marineland HO LED prototype displayed over a reef tank at the show.

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