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Help ORA Name This Coral

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 at 11:11 am by
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ORA, who has recently released their Purple Undata, is ready to release their next coral. The new Echinopora looks like the Hollywood Stunner, came to ORA from Julian Sprung. Sprung was breaking down his outdoor aquarium last year, and informed ORA that the coral was originally purchased at a small coral shop in Germany. “It LOOKS like Hollywood stunner, and it certainly is E. lamellosa, but it may be that they entered the trade at different times, and possibly from different places, so there may be differences in the growth rate and final appearance.”

So, let’s all get creative, and help ORA pick a name:
Green Polyp Echinopora
Hollywood Stunner
Julian’s Chalice
Sprung’s Stunner

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One Response to “Help ORA Name This Coral”

  1. dennis malec says:

    purple undata name should be princ’s purple rain.

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