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Great Barrier Reef evacuations in anticipation of cyclone

Posted on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 at 7:22 pm by

Over 300 people are being evacuated from various Great Barrier Reef islands as Cyclone Ului is anticipated to hit this weekend. Ului is currently a category four (out of five) cyclone, and is expected to cross over somewhere between Gladstone and Bowen or either Saturday and Sunday. The weather bureau reports expected swells of 8-10 meters which the Cyclone hits. It went on to add that a flood watch is in effect as well, due to potential heavy rains. It is important in cases like these, that tourists and residents are evacuated early enough that they are not trapped in hazardous sea conditions.

Julia Cook, acting police inspector, told ABC that “It’s unknown what will occur, however for safety … Lady Elliot and Heron Island, they will commence evacuation today.” Most agencies and resorts in the area will stay on high alert until Saturday, during which time they will reassess the risk potential.

The northeast coast of Australia was last hit by a category four storm back in 2006. Cyclone Larry delivered a devastating blow, causing over $321 million in damage to crops and infrastructure.

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