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Glow in the Dark Coral – Coral Magazine Newsletter

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 10:43 am by
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In the latest newsletter, Coral Magazine published an article by Ret Talbot discussing hit experience in Fiji. Talbot describes walking along raceway containing thousands of colonies and frags, in a Lautoka, Fiji facility. With an almost overwhelming number of corals to look at, one seems to catch his eye. Can you guess what it is? Some crazy chalice? An outrageous encrusting monti? A zoanthid morph that is out of this world? We’ll give you a hint, it’s a brilliant green, branching coral…

Chris Turnier, mariculture and livestock manager at the facility says ” Hydnophora from Fiji is probably the most eye-catching, fluorescing coral we have. “He continues on to tell a story about collecting the coral, where he literally saw it from 50 YARDS AWAY!!” The Hydnophora is a relatively hardy SPS coral, requires intense lighting and strong, variable flow, and makes for a great captive coral. For more information, and other great articles, please visit the original newsletter.

Photo Credit: Coral Magazine

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One Response to “Glow in the Dark Coral – Coral Magazine Newsletter”

  1. Kendra Baker says:

    I have a beautiful glowing piece (:

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