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Garf’s Crazy Diverse Reef with Saltwater Mollies

Posted on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 at 2:00 pm by
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Watch the video and be in awe of the diversity of this Garf mixed reef tank.

Mollies have traditionally been available to the freshwater hobbyist, but recently the trend of acclimating mollies to a marine environment has become more popular. is known for creating several unique products such as Garf Grunge, a reef activating compilation of living critters and bacterias removed from their 20 year old systems. The Idaho based company hosts a vast resource of propagation and supplementing concepts.

Garf’s latest and greatest addition to the marine tank happens to be non other than mollies. Garf has been converting mollies into marine inhabitants for numerous reasons, but primarily for their algae eating abilities. Mollies are an inexpensive, yet attractive addition to a reef tank. Many hobbyists have had success with the acclimation of mollies to the marine environment, but debates as to the appropriate amount of time for complete acclimation are still not agreed upon .

Garf has been working on sustainable reef practices for years, yet are not commonly known in the reef-keeping community. I am attributing this lack of recognizability to a challenging-to-navigate website. If you have the time and are ready to take in tons of scattered information check out the Garf website or for tons of videos visit their YouTube Channel

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