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FilterEez by Aqua Horizon

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 10:24 am by

FilterEez is an ion exchange filter medium for use in all types of fresh water, marine and reef aquariums. FilterEez, by Aqua Horizon, removes dissolved organic waste by the ion exchange process. It also filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2) with the use of ferric oxide resin. By using only high quality ingredients, FilterEez is able to provide the following benefits:

Keeps your pH stable and constant.
Reduces fish loss due to pH changes or polluted water.
Keeps aquariums crystal clear.
Fish will have positive neurological reactions, mimicking a natural environment
Filters out phosphates (PO4) and silicates (SIO2).
Reduces nuisance algae.
Removes dissolved organics.
Helps fish have a better appetite.
Osmotic shock is eliminated.
Fish lifespan is increased.
Filters out copper metal, odors and phenol.
Prevents ion antagonism.
Last up to 4 months.
Several filter sizes are available

Directions: Rinse FilterEez with filtered water, then place into your filtration system where carbon or chemical filtration is required. Make sure FilterEez is flat in your filtration system, fill any gaps with filter floss. FilterEez is specially formulated, it is not intended to be divided.

1. What is FilterEez
FilterEez is an ion exchange filter medium for use in all types of fresh water, marine and reef aquariums.

2. What makes FilterEez better than other similar products?
Quality control-
We follow strict quality control guidelines at our manufacturing facility. A dedicated clean room allows us to minimize product exposure to air, allowing for less cross contamination.

3. What are the benefits of using FilterEez?
FilterEez was designed and manufactured with the latest technologies available. FilterEez is without a doubt the best all around filter media for all types of aquatic environments. FilterEez is very economical, simple to use and provides problem free filter operation.

4. Fish will love FilterEez.
FilterEez will provide a natural balance to your aquarium by means of ion exchange. By introducing a negative ion affect, FilterEez will help to establish clean and well balanced water allowing your fish to live a long and stress free life.

5. Corals and plants will love FilterEez.
FilterEez will also help all types of plants and corals in your aquarium. By keeping the water pH stable and filtering out toxins, your corals will not only survive they will thrive.

6. Using FilterEez.
Using FilterEez your aquarium will be simpler and easier to maintain by reducing the number regular cleanings.

7. FilterEez will help you be better aquarist.
FilterEez will help you enjoy your aquarium like never before! Your water will be crystal clear, more stable, cleaner and all around well balanced. Your fish will live longer and look better!
Save time, save money, enjoy your hobby.
You will be able to enjoy your aquariums instead of spending time cleaning them.

8. FilterEez reduces your algae.
FilterEez removes phosphates from the aquarium reducing your problem algae’s.

9. FilterEez is one of the simplest filter media to use.
Simply rinse FilterEz with clean water and place into your specified chemical filtration system. (carbon)

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