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Feeding Time at Bon’s Lagoon

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2011 at 10:08 am by
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Tank Size 130cm x 90cm x 60cm (L W H)
Sump Size 96cm x 53cm x 47cm (water level 29cm)
Total Net water volume 800L
Lighting : 5 x Ecoxotic Cannon (3 x white 2 x blue) + 2 x PAR38 Royal Blue
Wave making : 3 x Vortech MP40ES + 2 x Vertex Mocean
Return pump : Red Dragon 6500
Skimmer : Bubble King SM250
Chiller: Arctica DBA250
Calcium Reactor : korallen-zucht
Zeo Reactor : Vertex
Dosing Pump : 2 x Aquatronica Dosing Pump
Computing Aquarium System:

Aquatronica System
Temp., Ph, ORP, Density monitoring, dosing pump, plug control, water top off, internet monitoring

Neptune System Apex
Vortech Wave mode control, lighting control, moon light, calcium reactor ph control, Zeo reactor timer control, internet monitoring

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2 Responses to “Feeding Time at Bon’s Lagoon”

  1. Tyler Devlin says:

    what size tank is that gallons wise

  2. Reef Tools says:

    approx 180 gallons

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