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Exotic Fish, a Sean Conaty film

Posted on Friday, December 31st, 2010 at 3:04 pm by
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Exotic Fish, is a fantastic short film by Sean Conaty of Scion A/V. The film documents the industry, and the hobbyists “addicted” to reefkeeping and saltwater aquariums. Several people in this video “explain” why they are drawn to the hobby, and what keeps them coming for more. I’m sure you’ve been asked “what’s the big deal?” or “how can you spend so much time with your fish?”, well, you’re not alone. This video shows the creative side of having your own tank, from selection of aquascaping, to choosing livestock, and the idea of tweaking your system, to make it an “art form.”

“I think what brings a lot of people into this hobby is that it’s a whole other world. The oceans occupy more space on this planet than land, and the natural curiosity is to bring a piece of it into your home”
-Miguel Tolosa

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