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Eshopps Reveals New Website

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 12:46 pm by
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Eshopps has just released their new website. The new and much improved design is dynamic, and is more heavily focused on graphics and images. Product pages are easily reached through a new navigation system. The home page is primarily flash, so those of you on any Apple mobile device (i.e. iPhone iPad) will be unable to view it, although once you click any of the footer links, you will be served basic html pages. The home page navigation seems to be complete, but once you go into the site, you will notice that almost none of the drop downs work (at the time of writing)

Product specs and features have already been loaded, and it seems as if Eshopps is in the process of updating photographs. The full line of overflow boxes, filters, protein skimmers and ornaments pages are already there, with a demo section and part store coming soon. Overall the design is really nice, and we’re happy to see Eshopps improving their online presence. Once completed, this new tool will be an excellent resource for the many Eshopps clients.

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