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Ecoxotic LED Cannons for the Sea Life Aquarium at LEGOLAND

Posted on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 3:15 pm by

Sea Life Aquarium, an interactive guide to sea life for children, is located at the LEGOLAND Resort in Carlsbad CA. It combines hands on learning, with interesting talks, and opportunities to interact with many marine critters. The main attraction is an 18 feet deep, 290,000 gallon walk-through aquarium which houses sharks, stingrays, fish and of course incredible Lego creations.

The exhibit had been previously illuminated by 6,700 watts comprised of 6x400W and 14×250 Metal Halide bulbs; with an estimated annual energy cost of $5499. Well, Ecoxotic had a better idea. Why not replace the existing lighting setup with 8x50W 12000K Cannon LED Pendants; a total power consumption of 480W and an estimated annual energy cost of $394?

Well, sounds like a fine idea in theory, but would it really work? You bet! The new Cannon LED Pendents increased overall illumination, cast a crisp white light which made the exhibit water look even more clear, and provided the amazing shimmer we all love to see in our tanks.

So let me get this straight….there’s more light…it looks better…it saves the aquarium over $5100 a year in energy cost…WHO’S NEXT!?!?!

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