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Ecoxotic 100W LED Cannons, a Closer Look

Posted on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 at 11:15 am by

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the Ecoxotic 100W LED Cannons lately, so we decided to take a closer look. The elliptical big brother of the 50W LED Cannons uses a 10 x 10 Edison Opto multichip LED, and comes in two colors, a 12000K white, and a 455nm blue. The 100W cannon from Ecoxotic retails for $499, but unlike the 50W cannon, the 100W model requires a separate driver. Ecoxotic offers a remote LED Driver 100W non-dimmable for $89, and a dimmable version for $129.

We took a look at both model this past week. The 12000K cannon puts out a nice white color, that really shows the actual colors of the corals. Now, turn off the white, and turn on the blue, and your tank is bananas! Every color just pops like you wouldn’t believe. When the two are on together, a very nice color temperature is achieved. Ultimately, if you get the dimmable drivers, you can achieve any color temp you wish, but if you plan on running them at full strength, I suppose you can pass. If it were me though, I’d want as much control as possible. I would get an even number of white to blue unites and stagger them. You may need to get some stunner LED strips to “even out” the color on the edges; meaning, the end of the tank that ends with a blue 100W cannon, you can add a few white strips, and on the end that is white, you can add blue strips. That will give you consistent color temp throughout the entire tank.

Overall we were impressed with the output, spread, and color of the Ecoxotic 100W cannons. They provided a very nice shimmer, and there was no noticeable “spotlight” effect.

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