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EcoSmart Driver Drip-proof Cover Developed by LSS Labratory

Posted on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 at 10:29 am by

LSS Labratory in Japan has been receiving reports that EcoSmart Drivers mounted close to the tank were being damaged during maintenance. You all know the “oh crap I forgot my hands were wet” syndrome. You’re doing something in the tank, you think to yourself, let me turn down the flow, and sure enough you get the EcoSmart wet. Or you casually remove your hands from the tank dripping over the VorTech driver.

In addition to these regular reports, the recent earthquake resulted in a wave of damaged systems. Any electrical component mounted near the tank, was likely to be effected by water splashing out of the tank. A need arose for a protective cover for the EcoSmart Driver.

LSS Labratory responded to this need by developing a beautiful and sleek drip-proof cover for the EcoTech EcoSmart Driver. Like an iPhone case, the new cover offers great protection while allowing the hobbyist access to all the control features. While not 100% water proof, the new cover should protect your EcoSmart from damage caused during regular maintenance or the occasional earthquake.

[via LSS Labratory]

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