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Posted on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 at 10:37 am by
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Yesterday, we reported the release of the Ecoxotic EcoPico Reef. Ecoxotic’s newest LED aquarium, sports 3X the light intensity of it’s brother, the EcoPico. maintaining the same beautiful, simple design. This tank is going to be a great choice for any hobbyist that is looking to set up a small piece of the ocean on their desktop. No need to worry about overheating the small tank, the LED lighting arm with 3 LED strips will add no noticeable about of heat to the tank. Each 12K LED strip has 2 white bulbs, and one blue bulb, casting a very nice and crisp bluish/white spectrum. Filtration and flow are handled by the included pump-powered internal filter (and water changes of course).

Here is a beautiful video showcasing the EcoPico Reef.

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