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EcoPico Reef is Released by Ecoxotic

Posted on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 at 10:36 am by
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Many hobbyists have already enjoyed the EcoPico Desktop Aquarium for their nano tank setups. Designed primarily for freshwater setups, the original EcoPico did not offer enough light for some of the more demanding corals. The solution was to add EcoPico strips, to the LED arm.

Ecoxotic, known for “Endangering the Status Quo,” quickly responded to the growing demand in the hobby, and released their latest product, the EcoPico Reef. Based on the original design, the EcoPico Reef-Ready version, comes standard with upgraded lighting. Rather than the original one LED strip, this newer version features 3 12000K strips, providing ample lighting for this nano tank. The Strips are powered using a 3-way splitter, in order to maintain an extremely clean look.

So, whether you are a big tight on space, or you just want a little reef showpiece on your desk, check out the EcoPico Reef. The rimless tank uses 6mm glass, a small internal filter with a built-in pump and a beveled glass top with mounting clips. This tank is probably going to be the next addition to our system.

Check out the photo gallery below, and visit the Ecoxotic website for more info.

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