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Eco-Aqua LED by Arcadia

Posted on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 3:05 pm by
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The Eco-Aqua LED by Arcadia “represent a huge step forward in aquatic LED lighting.” The Eco-Aqua LED was designed to provide the same color spectrum as Acradia fluorescent bulbs. This LED strip blends together various LED bulb colors to achieve vivid, yet natural-looking, output. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, which Arcadia says tend to
flatten the look of an aquarium, the Eco-Aqua creates shadows and a shimmer, giving the aquarium a more three dimensional look. As with most LED products, energy consumption is quite low, and the expected lifespan of over 50,000 hours eliminates the cost of regular lamp changes.


  • Sized to replace T8 fluorescent lamps
  • Lamps are sized to fit between existing T8 lamp holders
  • Multiple coloured light sources provide a more natural ‘three dimensional’ appearance
  • Low energy consumption – Typically 40% of that of a similarly sized T8 lamp and ballast
  • Long life span – (average of 50,000 hours normal use)
  • Reduced carbon footprint – uses 40% less electricity than T8 lamps and will last between 2-3 times as long
  • Contains no mercury
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Supplied with fixing clips suitable for wood, plastic and glass* installation

Eco-Aqua Daylight

Spectacular natural colour rendition with a high (>8K) colour temperature equally suited for Freshwater or Marine aquariums.

Eco-Aqua Tropical

Warm colour that enhances the red colours of fish and plants without flattening the iridescent blues of many tropical fish.

Eco-Aqua Marine Blue

Combining deep blue, light blue and violet LEDs results in a spectacular actinic moonlight colour, ideal for marine or freshwater aquariums. Can be mixed with Daylight lamps for marine systems.

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