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Earth Day 2010 NOAA Dives Coral Restoration sites video in HD

Posted on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 at 6:19 pm by

Earlier this month, we wrote about the Coral Restoration Foundation event at IceCap. Thanks to Tal Sweet, we just caught a glimpse of a video depicting Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Tom Moore and Ken Nedimyer touring the Wellwood Restoration site at Molasses Reef in the Florida Keys. The video shows the team as they examine Staghorn and Elkhorn corals that have been transplanted. Margaret Miller examines established Elkhorn coral colonies at the same site.

The next dive in the video, is a visit to Ken Nedimyer’s coral nursery, as well as cleaning stations, and new corals being fragged and mounted on the Earch Day 2010 mounting tables.

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