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Daily Deals and Discounts May 16 2011

Posted on Monday, May 16th, 2011 at 3:37 pm by

Premium Aquatics: Blue Life, Flatworm Control regular price $19.99, now only $9.99!
Salty Critter: 50% off IceCap and Hamilton Metal Halide Bulbs (instock items only)
HelloLights: 20,000K Radium HQI Double Ended 150W. regular price $84.95, now only $77.95!
Marine Depot: 20% OFF AquaMaxx CR-1 Calcium Reactor. Regular price $219.99 now only $175.99.
That Pet Place: Fluval C4 Power Filter, regular price $69.49, now only $52.12!
Bulk Reef Supply: 10% off Hydor Koralia Controllable 12v
Foster and Smith Aquatics: 35% OFF Rena LG100 Digital Auto Feeder.
Reef Specialty: Direct Connect 4 Module. Regular price $99.99, now only $124.95!
SeaQuest Marine: Aqua Medic Ocean Light 1 X 250W 10k Metal Halide Fixture. Regular price $348.95, now only $297.88!
Aquarium Guys: Phos-Zorb. Regular price $5.39, now only $4.89!
Big Als Online:  17% OFF Filstar XP Canister Filters.

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