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coralSky SL LED lighting system

Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 3:59 pm by

The coralSky SL LED lighting system is the latest release from CSI Energy. CSI Energy, formed in the summer of 2008, was introduced to the reef community when it launched it’s coralSky Versa LED lighting system back in March of 2009.

The coralSky SL (for Supplemental Lighting) was designed specifically to supplement (of course) existing lighting setups. The coralSky SL can add some blue to Metal Halides lighting systems, as well as be used as a dawn/dusk light. In T5 applications, the SL is said to provide an element of shimmer that is always missing. This system, powered by a stand-alone AC/DC driver relies on passive cooling and requires no fans. The coralSky SL is reported to product 160 PAR at 12″ distance, and is available from either with ($269.00) or without optics ($249.00).

Here are photos of the coralSkly SL at the ReefStock.

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