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Coral Magazine May/June Issue Preview

Posted on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 9:28 pm by

Here is a preview of Coral Magazine Magazine May/June Issue. This issue of Coral dedicated it’s cover to Pygmy Seahorses, and highlights Incredible Zoanthids, Underwater Maldives, and The Ultimate Refugium. Here are some preview excerpts:

Pygmy Seahorses
So tiny and perfectly camouflaged that they escaped the eyes of divers and marine scientists for decades, the Pygmy Seahorses are fascinating creatures and perhaps the subject of future aquarium husbandry efforts if their behaviors and feeding habits can be deciphered.

The Ultimate Refugium
With some environmentalists calling for extreme protections of stony corals in the wild, Dr. Ronald Shimek powerfully points out how they are wrong. Changing acidity levels in the world’s oceans spell major trouble for coral reefs in the coming decades, and Shimek argues that reef aquariums may be the ultimate safe haven for truly endangered corals and other marine species.

Maldives Revisited
Fish behavioral expert Prof. Ellen Thaler heads to the shallow atoll waters of the Maldives to record the interactions of different species and the state of reefs hit by major bleaching events.

In Praise of ZOAS
A long-awaited full feature on Zoanthus spp. polyps by marine biologist, collector, and aquaculturist Colin Foord details the natural history and keeping “not always easy” of the flamboyant and irresistible zoas or zoos.

[via Coral Magazine]

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