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BIO-ACTIF System Reef Salt from Tropic Marin

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 11:00 am by

BIO-ACTIF system is a new synthetic salt from Tropic Marin, designed to promote the growth of bioactive substances and improving livestock health by promoting protection for the mucous membrane of reef aquarium fish. BIO-ACTIF is also said to promote brighter colors and improved polyp extension in corals. In addition to these benefits, BIO-ACTIF is supposed to improve the breakdown of excess nutrients and pollutants in the water column. This in turn leads to clean and clear water. In order to maximize this process, a 15% water change is recommended by Tropic Marin.

Here is a detailed list of benefits of the BIO-ACTIF reef salt mis from Tropic Marin:

  • Rapid success in coral growth, even for beginners.
  • Advanced reef aquarists can grow even very challenging and delicate species which have always been regarded as impossible to keep.
  • Corals which once seemed incompatible because of their different demands in terms of care can be cared for together, with all species enjoying good growth and ideal conditions. Small polyp and large polyp stony corals can be kept together with leather corals, for example, without their combined care being detrimental to either group.
  • The low-nutrient environment also allows sponges and complex higher-order algae to grow without running wild, adding their own natural and authentic touch to the indoor reef.
  • Active control of the pH and carbonate hardness is conducive to the sustained growth of corals, calcareous red algae and other calcifying organisms.
  • Skimming action for the elimination of contaminants and suspended matter provides a permanent solution to cloudiness, allowing the reef aquarium to shine in full clarity in the most vibrant colours.

[via aquacave]

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