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Atlantis Marine World Announces Expansion

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 12:54 pm by
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In a recent press release, Atlantis Marine World formally announced plans for expansion. The plans include an exhibition center, expanded catering facilities, and a hotel. The 97,498 square-foot, $24 million expansion will “take visitors beneath the waves and beyond the ocean.”

The only public aquarium on Long Island, opened in June of 2000 and promised to make an impact on downtown Riverhead, continually attract visitors, and reinvent itself as needed. Well, it seems that the recent relationship with TD Bank will help in makes sure these promises come true.

“This year, our Aquarium is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and in what seems to be a wave of new investment in downtown Riverhead, we are finally kicking off our long‐awaited phase two of our original construction plans, thanks in part to the financing by TD Bank,” announces Aquarium co‐owner and co‐founder, Jim Bissett. “This has been a long road, we have spent more than five years in design development – working with the town, the state, and the county to make sure that the best project possible would come to our downtown’s Main Street, and we are happy to be bringing along with it more than 200 construction jobs and nearly 100 permanent jobs for new operations.”

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