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Aquarium Disasters on Reefs Magazine Fall 2009 Issue

Posted on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 1:57 pm by

Aquarium crashes and disasters are a reality in the reefkeeping hobby, whether a hobbyist wants to admit it or not. Just ask any experienced reef aquarium keeper and they will either have a personal experience, or another hobbyist’s nightmare crash to share with you.

The Fall 2009 Issue of Reefs Magazine shares Richard Ross’s experience with a catastrophic kalkwasser overdose which was the result of forgetting to turn off a pump that drains the skimmer’s external collection bucket. The result was a loss of all acropora species, as well as many other coral species, in his very beautiful and mature reef tank.

Richard’s article highlights the importance of being prepered for a disaster. Additionally, Richard provides a guideline for dealing with a reef tank crash.

Richard formulated three rules as a result of this experience :):

1) If you are in a hurry, don’t do anything to your system.
2) If you are about to leave the house, don’t do anything to your system.
3) If you are distracted, don’t do anything to your system.

Please take the time to read this article here, it will be well worth your time.

Other articles in this reef-disaster focused issue deal with reef equipment failures, moving a reef tank, as well as a discussion of the resilience of coral reefs.

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