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Actual Video Showing Man Poisoning $5,000 Worth of Corals and Fish

Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2011 at 10:05 am by

Remember earlier this week, when we released the story about the man who walked into a fish store and poisoned rare fish? We had several snapshots of the creep walking through the store. Well, we now have actual footage shot from the security camera. In this clip, you will see this jerk repeatedly dumping what seems to by dry chlorine bleach. The man (if we can call him that) keeps walking around this main tank, looking to see if anyone is watching him, then pouring the powder into the display.

Helena police is still looking for this man, and still has no motive. The man befriended the store owner, then left without saying goodbye, at which point the owner got suspicious and noticed the animals dying. The description given by the police is: a white male, between 5′ 11″ and 6′, wearing blue jeans, red sweatshirt, black beanie, and black and white tennis shoes.

As upsetting as the store was with only photos, it’s just that much worse watching the video.


If you have any information, please call officers at 442-3233 or leave an anonymous tip via Crimestoppers by calling 443-2000 or visiting

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13 Responses to “Actual Video Showing Man Poisoning $5,000 Worth of Corals and Fish”

  1. Aliie Golberg says:


  2. Charlie Roper says:

    my god i hope they find him and make him eat bleach

  3. Reef Tools says:

    someone has to recognize him

  4. Del Kreft says:

    OMG. Who is this heartless mothafr. Oh man he better hope the poliice catch him before one of us runs into him. Those poor poor friends of ours in those tanks must of really suffered. My condolences to the store owner for his loss. We should all pull together and show our support for our fellow man and extend our hands in the help in his recovery. :(….

  5. Murat Öner says:

    maybe his rivals had a sabotage…?

  6. Danny Grogg says:


  7. Jose Carmona says:

    When they catch him they should throw him in a tank full of piranhas.

  8. Del Kreft says:

    Piranhas wont do much. take his u know what to south africa and drag him behind the boat in greatwhite territory and sit back and watch the fun with some beers and good times. oh im sorry did i jsut say that out loud.

  9. Dallas N Pam Ballard says:

    chop his damn hands off!

  10. Dallas N Pam Ballard says:

    weight him down so he sinks to the bottom and cant move, give him endless supply of air and let the crabs eat hes ass slowly!

  11. Steve Bryant says:

    what a ass! just because he was mad at the owner of the store he didnt have to kill those poor fish and coral. 🙁

  12. reeferious says:

    i have this uncontrolable itch to shake the cobwebs off of my 7mm magnum rifle and line up my scope dot at this animal
    trying to pass itself off as a human being.

  13. j says:

    might be the competition getting rid of the store

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