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Abyzz A420 Eco Pump with Driver

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 8:55 pm by
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German manufacturer Abyzz is offering an extremely efficient controllable pump. The Abyzz A420 Pump features a titanium impeller, sinusoidal, three-phase synchronous motor and a powerful driver. This low energy motor has an efficiency factor of more than 90%, which along with it’s controllability, yields an outstanding solution for those of us looking to reduce our overall energy consumption. The variable speed Abyzz A420 can be adjusted from 0-100%, and promises to be a low-noise pump. Comprehensive safety features include dry run, temp and overcurrent protection.

With an integrated bearing flushing, the Abyzz A420 Eco provides optimum protection against calcification, while the silicon carbide bearings and strong metal shaft ensure continuous, low-maintenance operation. Although the pump is not self-priming, it can be used but in submersible as well as external applications (freshwater, saltwater, pond filter systems and creeks).

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