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75 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank

Posted on Sunday, October 10th, 2010 at 2:57 pm by

Matt and Carol have created an absolutely stunning 75 gallon mixed reef tank. This video was shot under Actinic lighting and displays the amazing colors and diversity of this aquarium. This aquarium was about a year old in this video, and every piece of SPS coral was grown from 1″ frags.

Here are the aquarium specs:

75 Gallon Custom Corner Flow
2 Vortech MP 40 Wave Making Pumps (1 at 50% 1 at 25%)
Maxi-Jet 400 with Eco mod
1 Euro-Reef RS100 Protein Skimmer
Aquactinics MH/T5 classic 2×250 MH Mogul Lighting system
Reeflux 12k Mogul x 2
15 gallon sump
Mag 700 return
Chaeto Refugium (reverse lighting schedule)
Reefkeeper 2 Reef Computer (with expansion socket for MH fixture)
Pressure Sensitive RO/DI freshwater top off
2 clip on fans for cooling
2x Drews Doser peristaltic dosing pumps for Bionic 2 part

SG 1.025
Alk 8.5
Cal 425
Temp 80
PH 7.9-8.1
MH on for 6.5 hours
Actinic on for 12 hours

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