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$4.8 Million – T-Rex Aquarium

Posted on Friday, January 13th, 2012 at 10:30 am by
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I was searching for the proper aquarium for the $999.99 two faced clam to call home when I came across the Aquavista Dinosaur Gold aquarium. Aquavista UK of London commissioned Stuart Hughes to design a custom, one of a kind aquarium for them, and he did. The aquarium is framed in 2,400 ounces of 24 ct gold with 2 veneers cut out of mammoth tusk. Yeah, that isn’t a typo, mammoth tusk! As if that wasn’t enough Hughes fit a long splinter of a T-Rex dinosaur bone placed diagonally into each of the tusk veneers. I have no idea what criteria was given to Hughes when contracted to create this aquarium, but he made a one of a kind system that sported a price tag in the neighborhood of $4.8 million!

Just show this to your significant other when they tell you that you spend too much money on your tank.

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One Response to “$4.8 Million – T-Rex Aquarium”

  1. Marie Court says:

    Awsome Pic! I guess that is a great investment to hang on thewall! Beautiful

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