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20,000K Deep Blue Star NEUCO Metal Halide Lamps from CoralVue

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 10:36 am by

CoralVue will soon be stocking the new NEUCO Deep Blue Star 20K metal halide lamps. These metal halide bulbs produce a color and crispness that rivals that of the ever popular Radium 20K bulbs. NEUCO designed the Deep Blue Star to provide continuous, quality, blue spectrum. Many hobbyists turn to a 20K bulb to bring out brilliant florescent colors  from their corals, while still providing substantial PAR.

The German-manufactured Deep Blue Star 20,000K bulb will be available in both Double Ended (DE) and Single Ended 250W versions. A 400W SE version will also be available. These bulbs were developed to fire on any electronic ballast. Although they will work with magnetic ballasts, the color temperatures may vary. For consistency and expected performance, it is recommended that electronic ballasts are used. Additionally, electronic ballasts will ensure optimal color and life.

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