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The oceans reefs are a beautiful collection of water, marine life and most of the earths known elements. The ocean is a perfect ecosystem, capable of infinite growth, creation and re-creation of billions of life forms. The ocean has long fascinated aquarists around the world; the desire to contain this beauty in the home is nearly obsessive.

For many years the home aquarium exclusively displayed freshwater fish and plants similar to those found in tropical and sub-tropical lakes and rivers. There were many early attempts to keep marine fish and even living corals, but these attempts invariably led to failure. The oceans perfectly tuned ecosystem was beyond the abilities or the technology of the aquarist to duplicate. By the 1970's we started to understand the needs and the environment of marine fish and corals, but the technology and the equipment was woefully insufficient to allow widespread success of the marine aquarium until the early 1980's. We began to develop methods, procedures and products to duplicate the ocean's natural processes and water chemistry.

Building and maintaining proper water chemistry is the single greatest achievement of the marine aquarium hobbyist. We are now able to create aquarium water that is functionally and physically identical to the oceans reefs, allowing us to keep, grow and admire a wide variety of marine life from sensitive fish and living corals to microscopic floating algae. The modern marine and reef aquarium hobbyist uses a variety of different products to optimize, balance and condition the water to create an environment where marine life will not only survive, but thrive, reproduce and grow at levels similar to or beyond what is encountered on the oceans reefs.

These products, procedures and treatments must be selected carefully, with a strict attention to quality, efficacy and performance. The long term stability and success of the home aquarium is completely dependant on maintaining the water quality at an extremely high level without adding harmful impurities. Any water treatment, supplement or additive must work correctly from a scientific and chemical perspective and not be contradictory to established research and practice. In addition, these products must be formulated to achieve extremely high levels of performance, meeting or surpassing natural seawater. The modern marine and reef aquarium should generate a tremendous amount of growth and the biological demand for nutrients and elements is great. These nutrients must be delivered to the aquarium in precise quantities for optimum results.

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