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Sunlight Supply, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and importer of aquarium lighting systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our Blue Wave, Reef Optix, Maristar, Galaxy and Tek Light brand lighting fixtures are recognized nationwide as the finest brand available in the industry.

We are a wholesale only company. Sunlight Supply does not sell directly to the public. We are committed to working through our retail dealer network. Use our dealer search to locate a retail dealer near you.

We offer lights for very possible application. Our metal halide fixtures are available in wattages from 150 to 1000 watts. Sunlight Supply is the pioneer in manufacturing T5 HO (high output) fluorescent lights for aquarium applications. These are a big hit with reef enthusiasts. The Sun System Galaxy electronic ballasts offer unmatched quality, performance and reliability for those customers wanting to use the latest technology in HID lighting.

We have our own sheet metal and powder coating facility located in Woodland, WA, about 20 minutes north of Portland, OR. This is a state of the art facility with precision CNC equipment. See our manufacturing section to learn more about what goes into the making of our lighting fixtures.

We hope you will consider using our lighting fixtures for all your aquarium lighting needs.

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