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How it all began ?

Our company was founded in 2002 – in the first years of activity we mainly dealt with the import and breeding of marine animals and the propagation of hard corals. In 2008, with the industry leading companies in our country – we launched our first LED lights – which initiated the development of this technology in the aquarium. But both their efficiency as well as the implementation left much to be desired – hence, after more than 8 months of production testing and implementing new technologies (wireless connectivity) – in September 2009 the first mass-produced Pacific Sun LED lamp appeared on the market – we called it Black Python. It was a revolutionary model so that the first three months of sales received honorable mention – Product of the Year 2009 in Lighting Category. Since that time, our offer has been constantly developing – we now offer a range of state-of-the-art lamps – Black Python (unit Master – with a computer, and a slave), lamps Combo (LED + T5) – Phobos / Deimos – and tiny lamps intended for reef aquariums – IO.

We are probably the only company producing LED lamps that tests their lamps in their own aquariums.

On the basis of experience – we choose the LED source to meet all our expectations – for functionality but also the growth and coral coloring. Our products were born out of passion for the marine aquarium and admiration for its beauty and uniqueness.

Certainly, many people wonder why our lamps have such names? It’s simple – they are all named after celestial bodies – such as the moons of Jupiter and Mars. We believe that our “set of celestial bodies” will continue to grow – in parallel with the pleasure and satisfaction of our customers. Thank you for the confidence entrusted in our products – we promise not to disappoint – and guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction. Both yours – and your fish and corals.

Pandora XM T5 + LED Fixture Released by Pacific Sun

Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2011 at 11:00 am

Pacific Sun has just announced the future release of their new Pandora XM T5 + LED fixture. This new aquarium lighting fixture combines the new Cree XM-L with the popular T5s. The Pandora XM features LEDs which are distributed over three panels, and 4 x 54W T5’s. Each LED panel uses up to 150W and contains 12 10W CREE XM-L bulbs, 6 royal blue and t CREE XP-E blue. This combination, together with an integrated controller, and wireless communication with Pacific Sun’s computer-based system, would offer seemingly endless options as far as color output, light intensity, sunrise, sunset, and moon lighting.

Metis CRP LED Aquarium Fixture from Pacific Sun

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 11:15 am

Pacific Sun has just released the Metis CRP LED Aquarium Fixture. This brand new LED aquarium light features 4 different LED bulbs:

  • Neutral White Cree XPG 5W
  • Cool White Cree XPG 5W
  • Royal Blue Cree XPE 3W
  • Blue Cree XPE 3W

This, Pacific Sun says, is the first aquarium fixture on the market sporting 4 LED chips, which will better imitate the full color spectrum of natural light. Each channel can be controlled separately by Bluetooth, and users can easily simulate sunrise, sunset and moonlight.

Pacific Sun chose Europe as the production site for this new fixture. Unlike previous releases, the Metis CRP is assembled entirely by machines, which ensure the highest level of precision. This allows Pacific Sun to offer an extended warranty.

The Metis CRP is offered in three sizes:

  • Metis CRP 2x100W – 85cm – suitable for aquariums for up to 120cm (aprox. 47.2 inches)
  • Metis CRP 3x100W – 125cm – suitable for aquariums for up to 160cm (aprox. 63 inches)
  • Metis CRP 4x100W – 165cm – suitable for aquariums for up to 200-210cm (aprox. 78.7 – 82.7 inches)

The units are available in Pearl Cosmic White (pictured) and Space Anthracite.

Naturally, Pacific Sun offers freshwater versions as well, Metis CRP FRW, which uses warm white, cool white, blue and red LED chips.

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